Optional deep treatment to help the hair extension’s look new again.

Optional deep treatment to help the hair extension’s look new again.

  • 1 cup Intensive hair conditioner

  • ¼ cup : hair de-tangling spray

  • 3 Tspb. Olive Oil

  • Mix and apply to your virgin hair extension’s, making sure you have covered every strand

  • Place in a zip lock bag

  • And wrap with a warm towel for personal desired time

  • Rinse and let air dry


Dying your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Hair extensions using a bleaching process?

How to dye your Loyalty Virgin Hair Budles extensions using a bleaching process?

Use these instructions to achieve lighter colors (blonds, reds, brown) by first taking the hair through a bleaching process to lighten it before dying it.

Things You'll Need

  • Peroxide cream Developer (Either 30,40 or 50; Personal preference)

  • Powder Bleach

  • Mixing bowl & Applicator brush

  • Gloves

  • Wide-toothed comb

  • Old towel

  • Intensive Conditioner

  • Blow-dryer (optional)

  • Alumina Foil


1. Comb through and detangle the extensions. If they have any styling products on them, wash those out first. After they have been detangled, place the hair extensions on an old towel. Make sure that they are totally dry.

2. Prepare the bleach mixture. Put on the gloves and mix the appropriate amount of powder bleach and peroxide cream developer together in plastic mixing bowl  (follow the directions that are on back of powder package and on developer bottle ). Make the solution into a paste. Making sure that all the air pockets have been broken and no dry powder is in the paste.

3. Lay the extensions onto strips of aluminum foil. Dip the applicator brush into the bleach paste, wetting it thoroughly. Paint the extensions or sections of the weave making sure that each is completely wet and the paste fully penetrates.

4.  Wrap the aluminum foil around each extension or section of the weave fully. Place on towel and leave the extensions to sit for the time specified by the manufacturer of powder bleach. Checking every 10 mins. To see if you have reached the desired lighter shade.

5. Rinse the bleach out under warm water when the time's up. Wash your extensions with shampoo, then condition your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning your extensions is important to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

6. Blow dry or air dry extension to see accurate results of bleach process.

7.  If your using the bleaching process to achieve a lighter start shade to then dye hair using a box dye, then once extension are fully dry follow steps from ‘How to dye Boojee hair extensions at home’ to complete dying process.


  • Be careful not to get bleach on your skin. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly.

  • If you don't have a deep conditioner, saturating them in conditioner overnight might be a cheaper alternative.

  • Wait time for bleach process

  • 15 minutes for a shade lighter

  • 20-25 for about two shades lighter


How to maintain your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Brazilian Hair?

Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Virgin Brazilian hair is at its best when it has been maintained properly. We value our Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles clients and it is our priority to make sure that you get the maximum life out of your hair. We also want you to get your money’s worth, Duh!

With that said here are some “proper care” instructions, the Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles way!

  • Wash your hair with a MILD shampoo (Do not grasp the roots of the hair extraverted while washing.)

  • Rinse your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Hair and leave to dry.

  • Comb your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Brazilian hair after washing, with a wire brush when it is completely dry (you can also use a rounded wide-tooth comb.)

  • Do Not store your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles hair in severely hot conditions.

  • Do Not blow dry your Loyalty Virgin Hair Bundles Hair near the roots of the hair.

With proper care and maintenance you can expand the life-span of your past one year and ensure its silky smooth texture.

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